Frequently Asked Questions

Building a custom home requires a significant investment of both time and finances. Choosing your builder is one of the first steps to take in what will likely be very personal and emotional process. Finding a contractor you can trust and are compatible with can determine whether the experience is the rewarding and enjoyable one you hope for. Here are a few questions and answers to tell you a little more about me and help you decide if I’m a good fit for your project.

Depending on the size and scope of the projects I take on, I typically build one custom home per year with my small crew. We focus on one home at a time and avoid job-hopping. I am full-time on site supervising every detail of your project from start to finish. I believe this one-home-at-a-time approach is one of the things that sets me apart as a builder and allows me to give personal attention to each client.

I believe that the time-and-materials contract is the most client-friendly approach to billing, and the best way to foster a positive client/builder relationship. While fixed-price bidding can work well with standard house plans needing few changes, custom home building is a process that requires maximum flexibility and transparency. My clients always know how their budget is being spent, from the initial estimate which determines the project budget to the monthly bill detailing all costs.

A well-built home is an energy-efficient home. My goal at the framing stage is to create a sealed envelope with minimal air loss so all other systems of the home can function optimally. In our cold climate, I feel that spray foam insulation is the best product to achieve that end. Homes we have built have tested exceptionally well in blower door tests for overall air leakage.

Some clients come to me with blueprints and a design team already in place, while others ask for more guidance in the process of designing their home. I am happy to work with my clients’ preferences or I can connect you with design professionals I have worked well with on past projects.

I rely on a select group of hand-picked tradesmen who meet the highest standard of quality, reliability, fair pricing, and integrity. The subcontractors I work with understand that I expect to turn out a quality product and they deliver. They are excellent at what they do and provide valuable input into the building process. I strive to keep open lines of communication and to maintain a job site where subcontractors can do their work efficiently. We collaborate well and it shows in the caliber of homes that we produce.

As lumber quality has changed over the years due to the rise in fast-growth, farmed lumber as opposed to slower-growth natural timber, I have found that my crew and I have begun spending a lot of time sorting and grading lumber, returning any boards that do not meet our standard of quality. For these reasons of time efficiency and stability of the product, I choose engineered lumber for select applications in the framing phase of a project. Beyond the underlying framework, from traditional rustic knotty pine to the most exotic woods and metals that require on-site customization, the materials my clients choose are unique to their vision for their home, and I strive to bring my knowledge and experience to bear in bringing that vision to life.

I value the relationships I build with my clients and strongly encourage you to contact past and current clients about their experience working with me and my team. In addition, it can be helpful to check with local resources such as subcontractors, vendors, and design professionals to gain valuable insight for choosing a builder.

Absolutely. I would be glad to arrange a tour of homes I have built, as well as the current project under construction.