As a young man, Lucas took to heart some advice from a family friend who was a seasoned carpenter. He said three things are key to building quality that are not hard to achieve if you simply take the time. Keep it square. Keep it level. Keep it plumb. Now with more than two decades of building experience behind him, this simple philosophy of “Square. Level. Plumb.” is still the focus of Lucas’s work. His view is that the foundation and framing of a home warrant the same meticulous attention to detail as the final finish trim and design details that will be seen and admired. This standard of quality in both the seen and the unseen yields a final product that clients and business associates have commented just “feels” different. A well-built home not only looks beautiful and has a quality feel, it is also highly energy-efficient and stress-free for its owners and holds its value for years to come. It’s this standard of quality that is Lucas’s daily target from the first to the last day spent on your project.